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autofans.us is a significant internet platform for a professional publication, with a large online readership and over 17000 e-mail subscribers. Our emphasis is on written content that educates car dealers through how-to and thought management articles. Automotive We are not an information magazine, even though we may include some general information or market information related to our training purpose.

Our second purpose is to assist suppliers that provide valuable products or services to auto dealers in reaching our dealership visitors. Because many of the items and advantages described in our articles are specialists in their field, the vendors who offer the products or services are often professionals in their field.

Our organization feels that our readers understand that many of our expert authors benefit vendors. Although such a content strategy would be frowned upon in a news magazine, it is our goal to offer suppliers a voice as long as they teach about skills and concepts rather than pushing their products or services. We believe that this philosophy allows us to teach dealerships significantly better than any other magazine.

One of the publication’s primary purposes is to provide a context in which dealerships may explore vendor goods, services, and technology. This is advantageous to both the dealer and the provider. This, we feel, is the greatest method for suppliers to learn about new services and products. Vendors are frequently the leading automotive authority on a certain issue.

Tone + Voice Guidelines

  1. Be honest and true in your writing, and allow your personality to shine through.
  2. We embrace edgy ideas, but please avoid using shock value.
  3. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to your subject’s face.
  4. Your tale should always have a purpose for your reader.
  5. Your writing should be clever but not raunchy or caustic.
  6. Slang and acronyms should be used sparingly.
  7. Keep headlines and key pictures clean and work-safe.

Content Guidelines

  1. All entries must be original works to which you hold the rights.
  2. Please double-check your article and offer sources for all of your information.
  3. You must hold the rights to any photographs you include.
  4. Images must be at least 1456 pixels wide and high-resolution.
  5. Submission of a post does not guarantee publication. If we want to run your story, our staff will contact you!

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