Read To Know About The Power of Electric Motors for Boat?

What should you consider while buying your electric motor? These days, electric motors are also used on boats and that has created a lot of buzz in the boating industry. Before we discuss these electric motors, let us first know a bit about boat hull shapes:

Hull shapes of boat

Between hulls and displacers, a basic distinction is usually made. The displacer is a certain boat that displaces water as much as its weight. No displacer will surpass the hull speed, that means will overtake the waves that will be generated by its bow by using the stern.

When at a slower speed or rest, every boat acts as a displacer due to the hull shape, a glider will lift out from the water at growing speed. An elongated, smooth hull and a very wide stern will be ideal.

Electric motor power

While considering electric motor selection for your boat you need to take into consideration the following few things.

  1. How much power will my boat need?

For the selection of any electric motor, the weight of your boat will be important. The heavier is the boat, the more power the engine will need. You must also be prepared for any bad weather conditions.

  1. How heavy my boat is?

If you find it difficult to estimate the exact weight, then you must start with the “worst-case” scenario. Consider all the people and all other weights and then use a factor of safety while specifying the weight. to achieve very good maneuverability and also marching speed for your boat.

  1. Performance determination

For any displacer, assume 2 kW/ton of your boat weight. Then multiply by the boat weight (in tons) and then double the figure to obtain the corresponding power. Usually, you must take 75kg/person and then consider a further 50kg as an additional load while calculating.

A typical example of your calculation

Let us say the empty boat weight is 1,000kg. Let us assume, we want to drive 2 adults as the maximum limit. Also, add 50kg for one toddler, anchors, food, and drinks. The total weight of the boat comes out as 1,200kg.

Now multiply by 2, to get a necessary output of motor as 2.4 kW for the electric outboard.

  1. Which engines fit?

Based on the performance, you need to consider different manufacturers too. In the above example, a [Minn Kota](Minn Kota)Minn Kota (a top electric boat engine brand) rear engine would fit quite well.

  1. Driving license

So far as a boating license is concerned, you must stick to the power of 15 HP (maximum) and for that, you will not need any license.  The power of 15 HP will mean an actual electric motor output of 11 kiloWatt.

  1. Performance with your gliding boats

Any gliding boat can lift and also easily at increasing speed slide on the water. The fuselage speed will be far exceeded. For sliding, a significantly higher power of the engine will be needed.

In future, most of the boats are going to be electric motor driven as they are quite an environment-friendly choice.

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