Innovative Chandelier Techniques Incorporated in Crystal Chandeliers for The Dining Room

Mealtimes can get better with the right kind of lighting solution that creates a warm ambiance in the dining space. It is an area, where the whole family gathers to chat and dine. The environment needs to nurture family bonding. Great food on the table is valuable but even choosing the right lighting solution indirectly adds to the enjoyment of eating meals together.

Crystal chandeliers can help to add glamour to any dining room. A ceiling fixture with raindrop crystals dripping over the dining table offers a dramatic effect. If you have a round dining table, then choose the Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier. For a dining room with a high ceiling, you can opt for a 2 or 3 rings pendant light, or the sphere raindrop crystal chandelier. Sofary makes it possible to buy chandeliers for the best prices. You can check out the best collections of Dining Room Chandelier here

You will see different styles of chandeliers at the Sofary store online. Some of the top categories of chandeliers as per the rooms are, dining & kitchen, staircase, living room, bed room, and hallway. Visit for complete specifications and prices.

Innovative techniques 

You will see that chandeliers are not stuffy crystals like in the past but today you will find different styles like shaded chandeliers, candle style, wagon wheel, drum chandelier, etc. Innovative manufacturing techniques have helped to create fixtures like candle style incorporating incandescent candle bulbs that are similar to real candles. You can even see faux wax dripping down the fixture sides, which are thoughtful touches the designers have added to the fixtures.

Dimmable feature

For light control in the dining room, you can choose a dimmable feature in the hanging light or any other lighting source. When you are enjoying the meals with the family, bright light allows seeing other faces and even what you are eating. For an intimate meal, you can turn lights down to create a romantic ambiance. Even children use the dining table to work on their homework or craft projects. A dimmable feature ensures that the kid gets sufficient brightness to do their project.

How to choose the right chandelier?

The dining room is a little more important than the other rooms. So, while choosing a dining room chandelier you need to consider things like size, height, design aesthetic, light output, etc. basically, you need a fixture that scales to the dining table size.

Ask yourself, what kind of aesthetic, or look you wish to achieve? Modern, rustic, transitional, or contemporary! If you desire traditional then the bowl-shaped chandelier is fine. If you are looking for something beyond the norm, then the linear raindrop crystal pendant or several fixtures arranged at the same distance can make a personal statement.

The width of the chandelier has to be ½ or 2/3rd of the table surface. Too small gets lost in a large space and too big overpowers the room. For an oblong table, an island light or linear suspension fixture is better to get even light across for everyone seated.

You can choose a round drum crystal chandelier for a round table. In terms of height, the distance between the table surface and chandelier has to be around 32” to 36”. It allows seeing the person sitting across the table with ease and no one gets their head bumped when they get up.

Whenever you decide ensure that you truly adore the chandelier because it defines your style!

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