Visit a Car Dealership in Wallingford, CT to see the New Nissan Maxima

It is time you buy a new car. How exciting! You’re looking forward to the way a brand new car smells, drives, and looks. Of course, you cannot go to just any car dealership in Wallingford, CT and find exactly what you’re looking for. You want something truly great and that means beginning and ending your new car search with Nissan.

Choosing a new Nissan is a wonderful idea. You’re not done with the decision process just yet, though. When looking at all the Nissan options, you have several choices. There’s so much to love about the Altima, Versa, Sentra, and Maxima. Which is the right new car for you?

Once you look at everything, you’ll say the answer is a brand new Nissan Maxima! This vehicle is safe, fun, and good looking. Wait- fun? Can a four-door car feel sporty to drive? If it is a Nissan Maxima, the answer is yes! This car is a high-tech powerhouse. Would you believe that the Nissan Maxima can boast 30 MPG fuel economy on the highway, a 300-horsepower engine, as well as advanced technology features like six standard Safety Shield 360 features, including Rear Automatic Braking? In fact, there’s so much to love about a Nissan Maxima it is difficult to list it all!

When you look inside, you won’t believe you’re seeing the new Nissan Maxima! The Nissan Maxima’s premium interior features available quilted inserts, made from premium leather-appointed or Italian-made Alcantara®. This is a material usually reserved for high-end performance cars, but you can get it with your new Nissan Maxima! When you pair this soft material with front Zero Gravity Seats, and you get unmatched interior comfort. You’ll forget you’re looking at the Nissan brand and think you’re shopping for expensive foreign luxury vehicles!

Everyone around you will be confused on whether it is a foreign luxury car as well, because the outside is just as great as the inside. This is a good thing for you, because you want your new car to make a statement about you. Perhaps you’re ready to tell the world that you’ve finally made it in life. Maybe you want the world to know you care about style. It says both of these things, and more! Car experts say this sedan is low, sculpted, and streamlined on the outside, plus seductively tailored on the inside. Every line, every finish, every detail of Maxima elevates the senses. Are you ready to tell the world “Watch me!” everytime you drive by? If you answered yes, the choice is clear. It’s time to buy a Maxima!

New car shopping can and should be fun. If you want the best a Nissan car can get, you’re looking for the Nissan Maxima. It is time you take a serious look at these amazing sedans. When you do, you’ll know for sure that a brand new Nissan Maxima is the right choice for your new car.

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