Advice to Follow for Driving Safely at Night

If you are driving car in Australia, then there can be every chance that you may have to drive at night on certain occasion. It can be either long drive or going to airport to pick your friends.

Therefore, when you are behind the wheels for such occasions, particularly during night, then it is important that you must be aware about few road safety advices that perhaps you were given while taking driving lessons Deer Park too.

Though, most of you must be driving during the day when it is much safe for driving, but here in this article we would like to offer few advices for your benefit while driving at night in Australia.

1.Prepare your vehicle

Firstly, ensure that your windscreen is perfectly cleaned before you drive at night. A clean windscreen can make it little easier to view outside, when it is dark and can help reduce glare from headlights and streetlights.

2. Always stay on your left

While in Australia, driver’s seat in the car is always at right hand side of the car and you have to be on left side of the road. While driving during night, you must strictly adhere to this rule.

3. Get enough practice

If you are from any western country, where you are accustomed to only right-hand driving style, then you must do sufficient practicing in left hand driving before travelling during night.

4. Watch out for any animals

If you are travelling in any remote side of the rural areas in Australia, then you can come across many different kinds of animals on the road during night. So, you need to watch out for them.

5. Be aware about school zones

You may have to pay heavy fine for over speeding in school zones, where maximum speed limit is 40 km/hour. There will be enough notice provided to you before you enter into such zones.

6. Only take safe photo stops

Australia is very photogenic place and often you may be tempted to take photographs while driving. Never prefer to take photo while driving, but take a halt at some safe place to take photos.

7. Know about the road conditions

While deciding to travel during night, especially while travelling to in any unknown places, it is essential that you must have advance information about road condition so that you may not get any surprise.

8. Drive only within your comfort zone

Prefer to drive safely and remain within your comfort zone rather than driving aggressively in the unknown place.

9. Take breaks often

While driving, particularly during long drive, it is essential that you must take break in between to avoid fatigue and also your vehicle too will need little rest. You may prefer to take food or drinks in between.

10. Always carry extra supplies

There can be breakdown issues anywhere while driving a vehicle. In Australia, you may often have to wait too long to receive any help on the road.

Therefore, it will always be good idea to carry extra supplies to be safe. Consider taking extra food, water and fuel and also carry a torch and few basic tools.

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