What Services Are Provided Under Scheduled Auto Maintenance

A vehicle is like a machine. With regular and prolonged use, it can suffer from damage and wear and tear. To restore it in the best running state, you need to perform its regular maintenance throughout life. The repair services that it will require will vary in accordance with the type of its engine and other parts.

Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will suffer from a wide range of issues. When you schedule auto maintenance at an auto repair firm, you are sure to get relieved from the hassle and stress of maintaining your vehicle on your own. This article takes you through common types of scheduled auto maintenance.

30/60/90K Maintenance

At 30/60/90K maintenance appointments, your will be thoroughly checked for a wide range of inspections. These services are referred like this as they are performed every 30K miles. It includes inspecting safety features that ensures the sound operation of the electronic system.

The service also conducts a “multiple-point” evaluation of the mechanical system that ensures that it is in an operational state. Greg’s Japanese Auto is a trusted auto repair firm in King County. It provides best level of auto maintenance for most of the makes and models.

Oil Changes

Change of oil at periodic intervals is another necessary service that is provided by the repair service professionals. The oil change is recommended for all vehicles that have completed 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Such changes ensure that your vehicle engine is properly lubricated. This, in turn, prevents any severe “metal on metal” contact between the moving part of the motor.

Tune-Up Services

There are various kinds of maintenance services performed when improper operation and / or reduced fuel economy of the vehicle is detected. This includes regular changing of the air filter, replacement of the spark plug wires, and spark plugs, installation of a brand-new fuel filter, cleaning of fuel injector and a few more.

Depending on the current condition of the vehicle, a tune-up service is offered. This service can differ from one auto repair firm to the other. Thus, check your mechanic what type of tune-up services they provide for your vehicle.

Timing Belt Replacement

This service is vital to prevent the breaking of the vehicle’s belt. Timely execution of this service can save you from hefty damage to your engine. It will also require an extensive replacement or repair of the engine.

Fluid replacement

Just like oil, your vehicle needs a timely replacement of oils. A variety of oils are needed to make a vehicle run smoothly and efficiently. Some of these are automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, differential fluid, and brake fluid.

For the best performance of these vehicles, they need to be drained and refilled. This ensures no contamination. Reading vehicle’s manual will get you the best idea of what types of fluids need to be replaced in your vehicle.


Following the maintenance schedule of your vehicle diligently will keep it roadworthy and cover millions of miles without any trouble.

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