Photography Tutorial – Tips to Take Fabulous Car Photos

Your car is one of the most valuable possessions that you hold. You would want to click some memorable and sharable pictures of your wonderful machine. By putting a little bit of effort and thought, you can form images that will make you proud. Here we have discussed a few things that you must consider when taking fabulous photos of your car.

Tip1: Consider the technical aspects

When it comes to car photography, most of the people think about taking a snapshot near a mountain, a cool building, etc. In place of these things, you must pay attention to its lighting conditions, composition, angles, background, and camera settings.

It is not necessary to have all the knowledge about photography. Take your own time and put a thought on various aspects to generate a good photo. This can bring about a lot of visible difference in your car pictures.

Tip 2: Chase the light

You need to know the best time to take photos of your car. The period after sunrise and before sunset provides the best light for your photos. Low-angle sunlight results in addition of texture and warmth to your photo. Dimmer lighting enables you to strike a balance between the picture elements very easily.

Also, it is advised to pay close attention to clouds. Try hard to keep the “ISO” very low so as to lower the extent of grain that you would see in the last image. The best thing that can be done is to use long exposures that can be done in a few seconds with a tripod.

Tip 3: Control the depth of field

Another important strategy that you can implement when taking car photos is to de-focus the background. This is a method that is called as bokeh. It highlights only the subject and blurs the background.

The ideal way to get this setting is by keeping the aperture very wide and enhancing the speed of the speed. This will provide you a brighter image. By composing the shot in the right way, you will see that the image has got relatively stronger, with artistic flair too.

Tip 4: Create a sense of amazement in people

To create an attention-grabbing picture of your car, you need to use direct means that can be amazingly impactful. You must do something that is not just novel, and fun but also infuses surprise element in your shot.

Tip 5: Capture the interiors

Another good strategy that you can use is to focus on capturing Interiors of your car. However, capturing it will be a real challenge. This shot can be lined it up with hotels and mountains to make it look catchier. Slightly blur the background and make it sharper through a higher aperture.


Your car is one of the prized possessions that you love to flaunt in front of other. Car photography is one of the ways by which you can do it. By using these tips, you can definitely create awesome photos of your car that will bring a lot of appreciation and admiration to you. You would surely cherish them for your whole life.

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