3 Motorcycle Accessories for Long Trips

There’s something special about feeling a motorcycle engine rev beneath you; glorious, powerful, and freeing. You take full control as you coast down every long, winding road.Each swoop onto a new path builds your confidence. Being out there on the road keeps you alert and mindful but also makes you feel relaxed and eased. Nothing beats a day out on the bike.

If you’re taking your hog out of the city, consider how you can help enrich your trip and experience. Preparation goes a long way to keep you touring each backroad. Brave the elements with these must-have accessories:

Storage Bags

Taking a long trip means you mighthave some luggage to haul with you. Carrying a backpackisn’t ideal since it’ll weigh down your back and shoulders. Saddlebags, on the other hand, were made to make your life easier and traveling more convenient. It’llbalance the baggage’s weight on either side of your motorcycle. You can also latch a tank bag onyour bike’sfuel tank,giving you quick access to things like your cell phone, wallet, camera, and documents.

Extended saddlebags and tank bags are stylish, too! They come with fringes, studs, and locks depending on your needs. Pick one that you can easily remove and put back on. Weatherproofed bags exist too, and they’re built specifically for your bike’s model.


Prolonged exposure to highway speeds may cause fatigue since the wind is in direct contact with your body. If you’re planning to travel far, equip your chopper with a wind deflector to keep cold air, rain, and dust from striking your body. It’s designedto protect you, not obstruct your vision.

Repair Kits and Headlamp

Flat tires can immobilize you in the middle of nowhere. Unlikeyour family vehicle, you can’t carry spare with you. Making sure you have a small repair kit, and a portable air pump could save you in an emergency.

Include an LED headlamp in your kit, too. It’llcan come in handyif there isn’t an additional light source nearby. If something breaks on your bike, a reliable light can guide you through the patch-up, even on a dark roadside.

Extended saddlebags, windshields, and repair kits are some of the accessories should keep with you, even during short trips. Before you hit the road, ensure that your hog is in top shape. Start every journey knowing you’re equipped with gear that’ll keep you safe and comfortable.

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