Few Important Uses of Biofuel

Many of you must be aware that biofuel is used as an alternative to diesel fuel, however it has many other uses too. Besides using it just for transportation, biofuel can also provide clean up oil, hydrogen and work as a cooking oil too.

Biofuels can also work as an effective alternative to energy needs like vehicle fuel and central home heating.

Following are few of the uses of biofuel:

  1. Transportation

As per statistics, more than about 30% energy is consumed only on vehicle transportation in the USA. The same data across globe is 24% which is greater than 60% of the oil production.

Other alternatives like solar or wind power is not at all practical. In such scenario biofuel is the only hope.

2. Energy generation

Besides use of fuel for transportation, they also have power-generating application for producing electricity. Biofuel is also used for generating power where emission will matter the most.

In fact, largest market exists for biofuel for turning into energy generation fuel for over 350,000 households within the United Kingdom itself.

3. Provide heat

Over the last few years bioheat has grown. Use of natural gas which comes from the fossil fuel and heat that comes out of hydraulic fracturing may lead to the production of natural gas.

Use of biofuel for heating is also substantial. Emission of both sulphur dioxide and nitrogen will be greatly reduced due to the blend of biodiesel.

4. Charging electronics

As per scientists, certain fuel cell was created with sugar and cooking oil to generate electricity and consumers too can use these cells in place of generating electricity.

So, consumers can use fuel cells as a replacement of batteries for charging anything from cell phones to laptop.

5. Clean oil and grease

As far as environmentally-friendliness is concerned, biofuel is quite well known and also clean up grease and oil spills. It was tested as potential cleaning agent on areas where any crude oil from Nboljor may contaminate the waters.

6. Cooking

Kerosene is considered to be the most commonly used ingredient for stoves and other non-wick lanterns, but biodiesel can also work equally well.

7. Lubrication

To reduce sulphur concentration, diesel fuel is needed as sulphur will provide the lubricity of fuel. To keep the engine properly working and for avoiding premature infection failure this is important.

8. Remove adhesive and paint

It is possible to replace toxic products which are designed for removing paint and adhesives with biofuel. Also, biofuel is considered as best way for removing any non-critical applications.

9. Create energy as fossil fuel is unavailable

Nowadays, oil supply is slowly running out which has raised a question how any alternate fuel can be obtained without destroying or polluting the environment.

For that biofuel is an answer and can help the government to create a stable way to produce energy which is cost-effective.

10. Reduce the cost and need of imported oil

As per the data available out of total petroleum production in the world more than 84% is consumed by the United States. However, since 2006, the U.S. has started reducing the petroleum consumption.

As per analysts, using biofuel to replace imported oil can help to stabilise economy when oil will be disrupted.

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