Steps for Soothing Your Baby to Sleep

Having a newborn baby brings so much joy and happiness, but it can also be hard work.  Trying to get your baby to sleep is goal number one when you’re a parent. While sleep can often feel elusive, with just a few simple steps you can help soothe your baby and settle them to sleep. Having the right tools can help you avoid endless sleepless nights.


Your main goal with soothing your baby to sleep is to try and recreate the environment they were in inside the womb. Your baby was curled up tightly in a ball in a safe and enclosed space The world can often feel big and overwhelming to a newborn baby leaving them feeling unsettled. Swaddling your baby will help give them that safe and secure feeling they had inside the womb. You can either use a breathable blanket to swaddle your baby or a baby swaddle suit. There are many different designs available on the market so it is easy to find a girl or baby boy swaddle.

White Noise

As was the case with swaddling, white noise helps to recreate the familiar environment of the womb. Your baby is accustomed to the noise of your heartbeat, the whoosh of the amniotic fluid and other sounds from your body. Using a white noise machine can helper-create the noises your baby was familiar with and help them to settle. The other benefit to white noise is its ability to drown out unwanted noises such as televisions playing in other rooms or noisy traffic.


Even from a very young age, developing a routine will help let your baby know when it is time for bed. A warm bath can help calm a fussy baby. Follow bath time with a baby massage, a baby massage can not only help. Baby to relax but also strengthens the bond between parent and child as well as moisturizing their skin. Creating a consistent bath time routine will pay dividends in the future as your baby begins to recognize that bath time leads to bedtime.

So whether you try a baby swaddle suit, white noise a bath time routine or all of the above, these steps are going to help your baby settle into sleep.  Keep in mind the concept of recreating their environment from the womb and developing a routine and you will be well on your way to regaining your much-missed sleep.

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