3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sissy Bar

Nothing looks better on the back of a classic motorcycle than a sissy bar. They convey a certain mystique of a bygone era of motorcycling while also providing some practical benefits to the rider and passengers. If you want to give your bike a bit of retro flair, one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal is by adding an old school sissy bar to your ride.

If you’ve been considering old school sissy bars for your motorcycle, there are some things you should consider first before making a purchase. Though a sissy bar seems like a simple and straight-forward device, they aren’t all created equally. Factors like quality materials and fine craftsmanship can affect not only the appearance and function of a sissy bar, but they also play a role in safety. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should consider when selecting a sissy bar for your motorcycle.


There are so many sissy bar options in the marketplace that you are bound to find one that perfectly fits your taste in motorcycle accessories. Some people prefer a more substantial, burly sissy bar that adds visual weight to the back of the bike and provides a sturdy surface for passengers and cargo. However, some riders prefer a sleek sissy bar that is thinner and less clunky. Think about the look of your bike and how you’ll use the sissy bar, then shop for styles that match your needs.


Height is another critical consideration when selecting a sissy bar. If you really want to show some retro flair, a super tall sissy bar may be just what you want to create that old school chopper styling. However, if you want something a little more subtle, there are minimalist sissy bars that are barely noticeable while still providing an attachment point for gear and a hand-hold for passengers on the bike. Height will dramatically impact appearance, so consider the look you want when deciding on a sissy bar.


A sissy bar isn’t just for looks, as it can fulfill several purposes on a motorcycle. Its primary purpose is to serve as a kind of seat back for passengers. If that’s an important purpose for you, make sure that you select a sissy bar that has some added comfort features such as beveled edges, suitable width, or additional padding. Sissy bars can also be used for storage, as some come with pouches or can be fitted with them is more storage is desirable. Some can also serve as attachment points for other accessories like supplemental lighting, so think about whether those options appeal to you when choosing a bar.

If you’re thinking of adding a sissy bar to your motorcycle, make sure you consider factors like, size, style, height, and function before settling on a product. By doing so, you’ll get the bar to fulfill your needs, whether your concerned with form, function, or both.

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