How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Shipping Companies

Are you preparing your car for a big move? Contacting auto shipping companies for information is only half the job. Learn the things you “auto” do before handing it over to them.


Wash the Car

Before allowing a service to take over, give your car a good wash. No, it’s not to make it look presentable for the service. A car has to be washed so you can see any existing damages to the exterior. Dirt and dust particles can conceal minor surface damages, such as scratches, dents, and dings. So wash all the dirt away to reveal hidden blemishes.


If you do find surface damages, take pictures of your vehicle to track them. This way, you’ll know if a scratch is new or not. Depending on the carrier truck chosen, it’s possible to get minor surface damages when in transit. It rarely happens, but it’s best to be sure. Documenting your car’s exterior makes post-transit inspection easier.


Car Maintenance

Besides exterior damage, you should also check for any mechanical issues. Some carriers may not accept cars that have leaks. This is because the liquid might drip onto the other vehicles in the carrier truck. You wouldn’t want your car’s finish to catch another’s oil or transmission fluid, right? The tires should observe optimal inflation. This prevents your tire from being damaged during the loading and unloading phase.


Besides those 2, the car’s fluids, such as brake, oil, and power steering should be topped off. Make sure that the battery is charged, and that the gas tank isn’t full. A full tank causes extra weight, which could cause problems at weigh stations during transit.


Personal Items

Unless instructed by the vehicle transport companies, this one is up to your discretion. To cut the chances of losing or incurring damages to your belongings, remove them from your car. You can also consider taking out your car’s custom stereo, TV, and GPS system. And don’t forget your toll pass.


Other Things to Do

If your car’s exterior has custom accessories or removable parts, remove them. This will reduce the risk of damage and loss. Your car’s side mirrors should be folded in, and antennas should be retracted. If the car in question is a convertible, make sure that the top is secured. Last but not least, disable the car’s alarm system. It might go off while in transit and distract the driver and other people driving by.


All that’s left to do now is to leave your car in the care of auto shipping companies.

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