Five Truck Upgrades to Show Your Love

For some guys, they have a special relationship with their trucks. Perhaps it’s the time they spend together in the great outdoors or working on a construction site day after day. To deepen that relationship and connection, many guys like to add accessories to their trucks. Here are a few top add-ons to consider the next time you want to pamper your ride.

Headache Racks

Ford truck headache racks provides an element of safety, blocking the back window of a truck. If driving over rough terrain and a truck’s load shifts, the window can break if the load pushes through the glass. These racks also provide security. Frequently thieves find it much easier to pry open the back window on a truck cab over a driver or passenger door or window. With Ford truck headache racks you have complete protection because there is no way a thief can gain entry.

New Tires and/or Rims

To get higher ground clearance, consider new tires and/or rims. More clearance will give you an easier time off-road clearing rocks and ruts in dirt roads. If you ride mostly on the highway don’t spend the extra money on tires with heavy traction. But if you are a four-wheeling nut on the weekends, you’ll be glad you made the investment. And new tires and/or rims adds a great look to a truck.

Install a Bed Liner

Bed liners are great way to protect the bed of your truck from dents and scratches. They are easy to wash out and prevent rust. Once a liner has outlived its usefulness, you can always install another liner. All dealerships sell and install beds for their particular make and model of trucks. They also sell aftermarket beds from different companies. Two styles of beds are the spray-on bed liners and slide-in plastic liners. Only the slide-in liners are replaceable.

Give the Engine Some Boost

If you feel the need for speed when on the open road, or you use your truck for hauling heavy loads, there are many engine modifications you can make on your own if you are mechanically inclined – or hire out to a mechanic. There are turbo charger add-ons, computer modifications, carburetor and air intake upgrades, etc. You can get an idea of all that is possible on many of the specialty truck websites.

Brighten Things Up

If you spend lots of time camping and hunting consider swapping out your headlights. LED headlights that are exceptionally bright, but don’t draw lots of power from your truck battery, are available in the aftermarkets. This way as you drive around you can spot things at night in great detail, whether looking for a good place to set up camp or exploring terrain.

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