Common Causes of Car Accidents

Articles listing the worst drivers on the road routinely mention BMW drivers. Other drivers cite BMW drivers as more aggressive and distracted than other drivers. Perhaps they are thinking about upgrading their BMW tire and wheel protection, and not about the rules for going through a four-way stop.

All kidding aside, with 20-50 million people injured in car crashes each year, the problem clearly goes well beyond a particular type of vehicle. Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents.


Speeding remains the most common causes of car accidents. for the past ten years, speeding has accounted for about 30% of all car accidents. This percentage remains steady every year.

Although speed-related crashes occur anywhere, the majority of serious speeding accidents occur on roads where the posted speed limit is 55 mph or higher.

 Distracted Driving

Distracted driving refers to anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. Texting is the most obvious culprit, of course, but distractions can include eating, drinking, fatigue, or even unruly passengers. In the four year period from 2010 to 2014, distracted driving was a factor in over 4 million car crashes.

 Cell Phones

The rate of accidents related to cell phone use is so high that it deserves its own category apart from distracted driving. Cell phone-related accidents have been on the rise since 2010. They range from minor parking lot collisions to disastrous highway crashes.


Not every crash comes from human error or misjudgment. Sometimes the weather helps create conditions where even the most focused driver struggles. Of the weather related car accidents, the majority by far are related to wet pavement, even more than snowy or icy conditions.

 Running a Red Light

It might seem easy to breeze through an intersection while the lights are yellow, but about 700 people die every year from red light accidents.

 Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence

Even with public awareness, ride share apps, and wide social acceptance of designated drivers, drunk driving still remains a pervasive cause of serious accidents. The latest statistics suggest that an average of 28 people die every day due to drunk or impaired driving.

No matter what type of car you drive, it is to your advantage to note these common causes of car accidents. A safer driver means a car with less damage over time. You could not only keep your vehicle safe, but also make your BMW tire and wheel protection last as long as it can.

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