Things That You Must Be Aware About Engine Swaps

An engine swap can be the best value modifications. Tuning your small engine can only ever offer small returns for the investment that you make.

From the local breakers or from salvage yards there is plentiful F100 engine swap kit which can be quite simple modification.

While doing any engine swap first you must do little bit of research. For larger engines the easiest swaps can be from the similar model of car. Typically, the engine mounts as well as gearbox mounts will remain the same because the engine bays remain unchanged.

Also, you may notice that engines from any larger models will easily fit into engine bay of smaller models. Usually, this needs a bit of ingenuity, which will nearly need custom engine mounts.

Following are few questions to ask:

Usually, a family car can be small model – say Corsa or a Fiesta. Executive car will be a larger model e.g. Vectra or Mondeo and sports model will refer to sports car model e.g. VX220 or Puma.

  • Our family car has got 1.3 engine, so what will be the biggest engine for family car range? – It should fit easily.
  • Our family car has 1.3 engine, will the executive car too use same 1.3 engine? – It would mean that larger engine of executive car will also fit in your car. Clarify physical dimensions and in case you are lucky then you may get your engine mounts to fit directly with the larger engine.
  • Our family car has 1.3 engine – We want to fit sports model of 2.0 engine? – There may not be a benchmark here, hence this will be real pain in fitting. It will need cutting and also fabricating mounts.

You need to do lot of research in all the popular car forums such as By doing so, you’ll be able to check whether anyone has already done car engine swap or not.

In case, you can obtain complete donor car, you can cannibalize whenever you need to. In that case, you will need to take its wiring harness and engine sensors. You will need in few cars ecu and immobilizer/door locks for getting things working together.

The engine can usually be in very good condition. As you are completed selling of the balanced parts/interior and you may often cover the costs of buying donor in its first place.

Better take a picture of donor engine and also label all the wiring carefully. You can save lots of time later. Also, it is worth getting few internal engine modules done while the engine will be out.

Prefer not to skimp or replace fuel pump, core plugs and oil pump etc. This will ensure you will get good working engine. As the engines will sit around which is drained in the yards there will be a shocking deterioration and also seizing which goes on.

At first, run your engine slowly and offer everything chance to bed-in properly. Also, check frequently for any leaks or split hoses that are quite common issues after an engine swap.

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