Have You Booked For Your Driving Theory Test – Book It Now!

Why the theory test?

The first question that arises in our mind is, ‘why to take a theory test?’. we should know that theory test followed by a practical test are vital for getting a driving license.

However, there is no need to appear for the test if you book a driving test for the following reasons

  1. Taxi driving
  2. Tractor driving
  3. To upgrade any of the following –
  4. An automatic to a manual car license.
  5. From A1 (small) to A2 (medium) motorcycle. However, it is liable if you’ve had the license for at least 2 years.
  6. You get the entitlement or become eligible drive both, medium vehicles (C1) and big vehicles (C), only if you clear the theory and driving tests.
  7. From D1 (minibus) to D (bus).

How to book for the test?

You can book for the theory test over phone or online. To book for the test online you can visit any govt. official site or any site of your convenience. To book over the phone just call the driving centre and share the required details. They will mail your confirmation letter to you, but if you don’t have one, they will post the letter to you.

What do you need to book the test?

To book the theory test you would need –

  • Valid driving licence number (valid in the UK)
  • Your personal or professional email address- if you do not have one, book by your phone.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the fee
  • It is mandatory for you to live in England, Wales or Scotland for at least 185 days in the last 12 months before the day you take your theory or driving test.
  • Mention if you have reading difficulty, health condition or disability with proper certification.

Cost of booking a theory test

Here’s a list of the type of driving tests and their respective fees-

  1. Car and motorcycle tests – £23
  2. Lorry and bus tests:
  3. Multiple-choice question – £26
  4. Hazard perception – £11
  5. Case studies – £23

Dos and don’ts of the theory test

These are some things are you should bring and some you shouldn’t bring with you during your theory test, otherwise, your test will be cancelled without refund the booking fee. Moreover, you should keep in mind that proving invalid or wrong id can cancel your test.

  • Photo-card of your driving license- you have to take a photo-card of your UK driving license. However, if you lose your license book for another as soon as possible.
  • passport
  • You don’t need to take your confirmation letter with you.
  • You can not take your personal belongings to the theory test. However, you can store them in the provided locker. It includes-
  1. Bags
  2. Earphones
  3. Mobiles
  4. Watches
    • Before the test, the centre staff will check you for anything with you that can be used to cheat. However, the test will not go ahead if you don’t let them check yourself.

Remember, it is illegal to cheat in the theory test. You can be sentenced to pay fine, go to prison as well as get banned from driving.

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